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Have you ever think that you send a sms and get paid for that. Yes , now is possible. Youmint.com the best site of earn money by sending sms. There are many sites offers this kinds of opportunities but all are not trusted. So read the trems and condition before joining this kinds of program. Personally i have not earned money from this site but i have search a lot and found nothing scam about this, send sms and earn money site. This site offers :

1. Invite Friends and get them to invite theirs. Mint Money! (Rs. 110 for 20 friends)
2. Choose to receive relevant SMS Promos. Mint even more money! (Approx Rs. 650 a month)
3. Send Free SMS to anyone in India!

YouMint is backed by international investors of great fame and the same guys who started the mobile short code revolution in India!

So if you are from in India then earing money by sending and reading sms is really easy. Others country are not welcome in the program. Try try it now

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