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There are lots of ways to send free sms via your phone and computer . Butb you have to know about it before use those exclusive ways .

  • TeleFlip is the most exclusive ways to send free sms . They still offer that service which they now call FlipOut, but they are also trying to turn their technology into a working business. Use the exclusive way to sms .

  • Peekamo: Started service since 2006. Now lots of people using this exclusive service . You can senbd sms for free and for promotional activities you can use this service. But best way to sms is take a free trial and if you got result then use the service for further.
  • Gizmo SMS: This is a free way to send sms . Since last month they are offering free sms sedning sercvice for all. SIPphone has more than its fair share of sweet mobile services like the Gizmo Project.
  • TxtDrop: The name of the site is very exclusive and by the name of the site people can amuse the activities of this site. This site offers free sms sending service for his member. Try itv now !
  • vtext.com : This is a courier service and they offers limited number of free sms sending . You can also use this service to sms in Austrila, America , Indian , Pakistan , Usa , UAE, Bangladesh and many more countries.
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