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Definition: SMS service stands for abbreviate bulletin service. SMS is aswell generally referred to as texting, sending argument letters or argument messaging. The account allows for abbreviate argument letters to be beatific from one corpuscle buzz to addition corpuscle buzz or from the Web to addition corpuscle phone.

Including spaces, argument letters commonly can’t beat 160 characters. SMS letters generally use T9 predictive technology. T9 makes argument messaging faster and added able on non-QWERTY corpuscle phones after abounding keyboards.

MMS, which is generally acclimated to forward pictures, extends aloft SMS and allows for best agreeable lengths. Some corpuscle phones accept abounding keyboards for faster texting admitting others crave numbers to be broke assorted times to accomplish a accurate letter.

While the aggregate of a corpuscle buzz bill about is its articulation account or abstracts usage, argument letters are either included in the articulation plan or are added as an added cost. SMS messaging is acclimated pervasively about the globe.

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Pronunciation: ess-em-ess

Also Known As: Texting, argument messages, argument messaging, abbreviate bulletin service


I typed an SMS bulletin on my buzz and beatific the argument to my brother’s corpuscle phone.